Luca Brasi in High Spirits at 4ZZZ

Luca Brasi, Stolen Bikes Ride Faster, Greyface, Columbus - 4ZZZ, Saturday 19 July 2014

Delivering the rough and tuneful, Columbus are fit for the midday sun. A "Gnarly save" between broken and fixed guitars, the trio kick out lively stories of being wasted, jaded and hopeless. Greyface hustle in on their third show. A gleaming Rickenbacker on display, the vocals hit an addictive razored edge, the strapping young sound making for an impressive start.

Same beard, different guitarist? You could be mistaken as Stolen Bikes Ride Faster gather to shake up the packed concrete yard. Throwing in rapid punk fuelled bliss, the back to back tracks flare up the audience, the festivities expanding the further they musically travel. Breaking out the sweet resonance of a cigar box bass, complete with rainbow strings, the 4-string connoisseur effortlessly supports metal inspired breakdowns. Giving it a new lease of life, Nirvana's Territorial Pissings is beautifully covered to make you move.

Totally in the punk rock realm, Luca Brasi hit up the 4ZZZ free show before their Violent Soho sold out support slot. On the opening, the rabble gathered here today are singing from the onset. Heckled to "Play a good song," Tyler Richardson playfully retorts, "We don't have any mate." Smiles aplenty he admits, "Brisbane's fucking full of comedians." The set is on a roll with One Set of Rules and Benthos, the slower tempo of Death Rattle pushing their followers further into chorus. Friends and family chuck in for Theme Song From HQ, the whole place winding up to carry on the day in high spirits.

Kenada Quinlan

Photos by Joel Larwood

L-R Luca Brasi, Stolen Bikes Ride Faster, Greyface, Columbus

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