Comeback Kid. A Second Home.

11 years since their debut album and Comeback Kid are stronger than ever, they have evolved "From boys to men," while gathering a global loyal fan base that never miss a show. In an email to FrankenSounds vocalist Andrew Neufeld talks abut his 'time off' antics, the new album, their tour comrades Rotting Out and their fondest memories of Australia.


KQ: How are you spending your time off?

AN: Andrew Neufeld: Im currently in Norway producing an album for a band here. I’ve started doing that as of late and have a few projects on the go. Stu our guitar player just got married. Jeremy has been travelling and working a bit with his brother. Jesse and Ron both play with cover bands/ other musical projects in their own cities so we’ve been busy on our off time. 


KQ: How do you decide what goes on the set-list?

AN: Sometimes we change per territory or if we don’t know what to expect we do the usual set list at the first couple shows. Feel out what songs are working with the crowd and which aren’t so much and go from there. The new songs have been going over REALLY well so we are happy about that. But certain songs that kill in the USA don’t really do so well in Europe and vice versa. We just try to do a good mix of all our albums during our set list so that people can take something away from our show. We realize people have had Comeback Kid in and out of their lives or like certain albums better than others so we cater to that a bit.


KQ: Can you tell me about the song writing process for Die Knowing?

AN: Its different with each record but in the past it has been Jeremy ( guitar ) and myself writing all the music, teaching/ collabing with the drummer  and we do the music first,… lyrics always after. Stu joined the band a few years back and contributed to Die Knowing but not as much as he would have liked. It was kind of still fresh when we were starting to write for it. But his main contribution to DN was “Losing Sleep” which I think ended up being one of the best on the album. We all live in different cities so it was very much working on songs alone and then bringing them to life more when meeting up in Cali / Winnipeg or wherever. I’m sure it will be a little bit more of an open door policy songwriting wise with the next album.


KQ: What is your opinion of the new album? What would you change if you could?

AN:  I really love it. We kept most of the balls to the walls / heavy songs up front on the record and that left a lot of the more punk rock/ melodic stuff to the tail end of the record. I MAY have put one or two of those songs earlier on the record now but it is what it is. That’s how I thought the flow should have gone then we really wanted to come out of the gates with power on this record and had a lot of pent up aggression we wanted to release. Its fun to play the new songs lives though let me tell you.


KQ: Looking back over the last 11 years, in your eyes, how has Comeback Kid evolved?

AN:  New members, growing up from boys to men, and generally having a more clear view about ourselves and the music we are involved in.

KQ: Rotting Out are joining you on this tour, how did that happen and why?

AN:  Nigel from Destroy All Lines ( and Mindsnare woo!) booked this tour. Him and I put this tour together and either one of us mentioned it and we asked them and they were down. We are stoked because we really are fans of RO. So it will be cool to play with them every night.


KQ: What is the status of Figure Four? Are you planning to write new material/tour soon?

AN: Nah, we have done a slew of shows of the last couple years. It hasn’t been an active band since 2004 or something but we never really broke up. But we are all still homies and its fun to do cool festivals or do a weekend with Madball or this or that. FF’s bass player Bailey is a booking agent for a lot of cool HC bands so he always has his ear to the ground about shit going on and suggests to get figure four in the mix so when I’m not busy with other projects he convinces Jeremy and I to do weekends once in a while.


KQ: What’s your fondest memory of Australia?

AN: I have a great love for Australia. I won’t get into it too much but I’ve made some lifelong relationships there personally and through the band. But I’ve fallen in love there and partied with some legends, and played some great shows. We played Wake The Dead for the first time ever at the Melbourne All ages show in 2005. I remember that quite well.


KQ: What are you looking forward to on the upcoming Australian tour?

AN: Just the whole thing is gonna be cool. Seeing friends. The shows are gonna be sick I’m sure of that. I’ll be djing most nights after the shows so we will have some all inclusive good times. Come hang!



Thursday 16th October – Amplifier Bar – Perth 18+ *

Friday 17th October – Uni Bar – Adelaide Lic AA

Saturday 18th October – Central Club – Richmond 18+

Sunday 19th October – Phoenix Youth Centre – Footscray AA

Tuesday 21st October – The Basement – Canberra 18+

Wednesday 22nd October – Small Ballroom – Newcastle 18+

Thursday, 23rd October – Bald Faced Stag – Sydney Lic AA

Friday, 24th October – Bald Faced Stag – Sydney 18+

Saturday, 25th October – The Brightside – Brisbane 18+

Sunday, 26th October – The YAC – Byron Bay AA



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