Brisbane Music: Duality with Dr. Bombay


From Voodoo Lust and Horny Toads, Dr. Bombay's members have been injecting pure RocknRoll into Brisbane music since 1987. We caught up with vocalist Gary Slater and guitarist Stewart De lacy after DE-NEWMANISER, an awesome event of local musical genius in support of the people.


How and when did you form Dr BombayStewart: I first met Gary at the Sunday RocknRoll BBQ when it was on the Northside (of Brisbane). I knew he was the singer for Voodoo Lust and always respected that band.  Basically got to know him, we both loved the Jim Jones Revue and it went from there…I can’t remember the date. Strangely enough I recently found a flyer from the Outpost in 1987 (now Love and Rockets) where Voodoo Lust had played the same week as the first band I was in, the Horny Toads.


How do you choose which musicians to work with?

Firstly, you’ve gotta get on with your band mates.  Especially as we’re getting older, no time for bullshit ego stuff. I knew of Greg through facebook and playing bass in a version of Steve Lucas' X, and thought why not give him a ring. Greg brought in his mate Joe on drums, and the good Doctor was born.


What was the motivation behind forming DrBombay?

Stewart: Gary and I just wanted to play no bullshit r’n’r again. R’n’R with melody.


Can you tell me about DE-NEWMANISER, why you decided to put on the event? What was the aim and how did it go, the support you received?

Stewart: I am increasingly enraged by the current state of  [Australian] politics both state and federally. I contacted the 'Not 4 Sale' community group who are campaigning against the sale of state electricity assets by the Newman government. I thought “OK, if this  government are gonna  hark back to the bad old days of the Joh era then it’s up to the arts and music community to get organised and do some gigs, i.e. to do our bit and fight back”.  I got in contact with Lara the Not 4 Sale Campaign Manager and they could see the benefit of working with independent bands. The night was a success, Simmo ( Peter Simpson - State Secretary ETU) gave a rowsing speech to the punters at the gig. All bands had a great time. Punters had a ball. We will do this again. Power to the People.


 When was your first time on stage?

Stewart: I was 17 – the band was the Horny Toads and it was at the Love Inn in 1986, we used to play a song called “Get on the End of this One”, truly unique and Brisbane in it’s own way..haha. The Love Inn is now currently the X&Y bar. Prior to that infamous in the late ‘80s as the bar for a  “Lesbian Vampire Killer”, check that story out, Brisbane’s very own sinister darkside.

Gary:  I was 12. In a band called Clutch.


8.     What do you love most about DrBombay? (This could be anything!)

Gary: The Enthusiasm.


 Any bands we should be listening to?

Gary: I think The Smith St. Band are great. Not a band but I think Courtney Barnett is a brilliant young Australian songwriter.


What is next music wise for DrBombay?

Gary: We’ve got a pile of gigs coming up, which is great.  We have our debut album coming out in about 6 weeks, so lots more gigs.

Stewart: Releasing this album, 12 tracks recorded with Jeff Lovejoy and learning more new songs that Gary continually brings to the band. 

Kenada Quinlan

Image credit Dr Bombay Facebook