The Coathangers have landed

After headlining tours in North America and supporting legends such as The Thermals and Black Lips, The Coathangers have landed. Starting life as an excuse to hang together, it wasn't long before the trio realised their chosen path would take them around the world, leaving them 'Technically homeless.' 

The Coathangers are currently slamming their way across the East Coast of Australia. We catch up with all 3 members on email, while they are on the move.

You’ve recently landed in Australia, how are you feeling? "Feeling a little confused from jet lag, excited and stoked!"

Where were you before you landed in AUS? "We were in NZ on a layover, before that LA, before that Dallas, and before that Atlanta!"

What is the one thing you would like to do while in Australia? "We want to pet a koala, and a kangaroo (which we're doing tomorrow!) and we want to eat kangaroo!"

How have the shows been so far? "Shows have been great! Lots of energy and played with some great local bands."

Are there any Australian words or phrases you have started including in your dialogue? "Maccas" we usually just say Maccy D's. Our tour manager told us this horrible slang.. "Sprog in your mut." which everyone's disgusted about, and "Bogan". 

Anything that has surprised you about our country? "We're surprised how similar it is, it feels like if England and California had a baby, but we haven't really had a chance to see too much!"

Who designs your band shirts and tour posters? "Lots of different people. So, we do it, and our friends."

How long are you away touring on average, what can you not leave home without? "We're usually on tour more than half the year, we're technically homeless."

After you leave us, Japan is your next stop, any expectations? "It'll be our first tour, Stephanie has actually been there before but we just expect lots of lights!"

The Coathangers started as an excuse to hang out, do you remember the moment you realised it was going to turn into something a lot more than you had initially intended? "When we had to write and record our second record."



Wednesday 21 January | Rad Bar | Wollongong

Thursday 22 January | Frankies Pizza | Sydney

Friday 23 January | The Great Northern Hotel | Byron Bay

Saturday 24 January | Trainspotters | Brisbane

Sunday 25 January | Spotted Cow | Toowoomba

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