The Fad. Back At Last.

After a lengthy hiatus, The Fad are back on form. Their 2008 debut Kill Punk Rock Stars is an absolute banger, and on constant repeat. Meeting bassist Danny Sabella at Fest last year, moments before The Bennies lit up the stage (literally), put a face to the name of one of my all time favourite records. 

On email from New York, Sabella fills us in on the reasons for the hiatus, the reunion, the new album and how the ice hockey playoffs may cause a permanent rift within the band. Before we begin, feast your eyes on their Fest performance.

FS: What were the reasons for the initial Fad hiatus?

DS: "Well there were a few reasons. First, our guitarist Tom quit mid tour and caught a bus back to New York from Cleveland, hence the song Leaving Cleveland. Without Tom the dynamics between the remaining members and new members were really weird."

"Then on the tour to support Kill Punk Rock Stars we were broke, got robbed in Phoenix , and then flipped our van in Colorado. That tour was financially devastating. I think at the end of the day we were tired of each other and we just weren't the same band as we used to be." 


FS: Why and when did you decide to get back together? Tell us about any significant events that led to the reformation of the band...

DS: "It was sort of a slow process of getting back together. I don't think any of us intended on becoming a band again. We did a couple reunion shows, then a short tour with We Are The Union and Stuck Lucky and I think we realized how much fun we used to have. In the past we might have been too focused on trying to get somewhere with our music while forgetting that playing music is supposed to be fun." 

"All of a sudden, we're talking about releasing new music for the hell of it. We're all older now and financial responsibilities prevent us from touring. It kind of forces us to keep in mind that there shouldn't be so much pressure. It's just music."


FS: How is the new album coming along?

DS: "The new album is coming along slowly but surely. We have close to 20 songs we're working at the moment and I don't think we're stopping there. We have no tours or deadlines to meet so we can take our time with this one and do it right."


FS: Can you tell us about any new tracks and a working album title?

DS: "We have two demo songs entitled It's About Time and The Hater which we played at Fest in Gainesville. We have to figure things out with Bankshot! Records who put out Kill Punk Rock Stars before we can release anything. Hopefully we can work that out soon because we're really looking forward to people hearing new songs."


FS: What is different about the new recording process in comparison to the recording of Kill Punk Rock Stars?

DS: "The biggest difference between recording/writing now and what we did for KPRS is consistency. KPRS was written at many different times with different members. We would write some songs, then go on tour. We'd get new members, write some songs then go on tour. It wasn't very focused. All of our new music is being written by the same four guys, all at the same time. We still love to write in different styles like ska, reggae, hardcore, etc. so there will definitely be variety, but as a whole our new record will be more focused." 

FS: When do you think the new album will be ready for release?

DS: "As of now, we have no real time frame for our next release. We hope it's at least by the end of this year."


FS: Is the whole band New York Islanders fans? How do you feel now that the Islanders are now playoff contenders?

DS: "Jimmy and I are the hockey fans in the band but I'm a New York Rangers fan and he is a New York Islanders fan. It was much easier for us to get along when the Islanders were one of the worst teams in the NHL!! It's all in good fun though." 

"As a Rangers fan I'm torn about the recent success of the Islanders. Do I want them to win the Stanley Cup? HELL NO. I'm just happy for New York hockey to be doing so well. The Islanders and Rangers are two of the best teams in the NHL this season so it can make for some great playoff hockey if they end up facing each other. It might also end in The Fad breaking up again haha!"


FS: Will you be embarking on a world tour when the new album drops?

DS: "I have no doubt in my mind that if the opportunity came up for us to tour the world while our responsibilities at home were taken care of, we'd be right back out on the road. We all love touring, unfortunately its just very difficult to pay the rent by playing music."

"Tom has been to Australia with Bomb The Music Industry and I get extremely jealous every time he brings up an Australian tour story. I hope one day The Fad has some stories of our own."

FS: What are you most excited about with regards to The Fad?

DS: "I am most excited about simply playing music with good friends. We've known each other for quite a while now, and it feels more like the days when we were just starting out in bands as teenagers. Its a great feeling."

Interview by KenadaQ


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