Guttermouth. VB's All Around.

Thanks to the Drunk Promoter, we catch up with Guttermouth who are ravaging their VB saturated minds across Australia on the "Less Drunk Tour". If you missed the shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram: Guttermouth/The Drunk Promoter, let us bring you up to speed:

There has been more salads tossed than eaten for sure.
— Guttermouth

FS: Favourite thing about Australia so far? Having an undercover cop wearing a Guttermouth shirt as a disguise are our show, then arresting people outside.


FS: Did all of you work off the bar tab at Bendigo? How long did it take, what was the final bill? Final bill was $1200 but we ended up not paying as we snuck out in the middle of the night. Great people there but we just could't afford to pay that.


FS: At a guess, how much alcohol has been consumed to date? Who really knows....we need a VB endorsement!


FS: How many salads have actually been eaten to date on tour? There has been more salads tossed than eaten for sure.

Mark was mid poop and Alex delivered the Greek salad he ordered for dinner. Hope ya liked it mark!!!

Posted by Guttermouth on Thursday, April 9, 2015

FS: The best show so far and why? Most of them have been good, but the Adelaide and Frankston crowds turned it up a notch.


FS: The weirdest thing that has happened so far on the Australian tour? Did you learn something, see something you wish you hadn't, glad you had?  In Adelaide there was a girl at the show who was showing punters her butthole outside the venue, just super proud of it. One of our guys brought her up to the green room to show everyone which she did. Pretty filthy, looked like she might have missed a wipe earlier. That was a first for any tour. I would say that falls under seeing something you wish you hadn't.

From one of our shows earlier this week.

Posted by Guttermouth on Friday, April 10, 2015

FS: What are you plans when you hit Brisbane? The main plan is to be in the studio all week working and recording new material for a future release. Besides that, we really enjoy that Brisbane area and thats why we chose there to stay for that week. We did a month tour in the US and only had a week off before we came to Australia so we have been on tour for almost 2 months now and still have about 2 weeks here. It will be good to get a little down time and enjoy the area. 

FS: What can you not leave home without? Our instruments.

Questions by KenadaQ


Friday, 17th April 2015
With special guests El Monstro, Crooked Face, Driven Fear & Goon on the Rocks
Crowbar, Brisbane
Tickets: The Drunk Promoter

Saturday, 18th April 2015 – NEW SHOW
With special guests The Decline, Release the Hounds and Flangipanis
Crowbar, Brisbane, QLD
Tickets: The Drunk Promoter

Friday, 24th April 2015 – NEW SHOW
With special guests The Bob Gordons, The Reptilians and Beer Fridge
Leisure Inn, Rockingham, WA
Tickets: The Drunk Promoter

Saturday, 25th April 2015
Rosemount, Perth
Tickets: The Drunk Promoter

Saturday, 25th April 2015 – NEW SHOW 
With special guests Blindspot, Them Sharks and The Decline
Rosemount, Perth, WA
Tickets: The Drunk Promoter