Lurch and Chief Hit Queensland


Lurch and Chief, The Furrs, The Jensens - Coniston Lane, Friday 16 May 2014

From the onset, The Jensons' music speaks of sixties surfers and indie kids of a later age. The urge to write this off as just another hipster tribute is abruptly dismissed by addictive head shaking compositions. Leaving as quickly as they landed, these lads of fantastic hair are worth a drag, a mouse click, swipe and volume switch to 11. Find them on “Triple J Unearthed” or “Tinder”, however you decide to party.

To those over 30, The Furrs are dressed in a familiar brown. With the chilled attitude of their rock forefathers, brothers and sisters, they make their way through a set of intricate musicianship and harmonies that make the crowd swing in unison. ‘Flowers’ inspires fancy dress from vocal minx Gabriella in the form of blinding petal adorned glasses. Pushing forward, the light steps of the audience flick from side to side in anticipation of the main attraction.

Lurch and Chief jump the stage with an all encompassing introduction, hitting hard, before reaching for ‘Wiped Out.’ The stage posing it’s own set of compromises, one half of the lead lungs, Hayden Somerville apologising for knocking into guitarist Josh Lane, declaring “We’re getting intimate up here.” The closeness of the band tonight flowing over to their loyal spectators, the urge to just “start touching each other” raising the bar. Musically this band are utterly faultless. From the make up of their songs to their stage presence, they relentlessly pull you in, dropping you safely back to a better place. ‘It’s Easy’, ‘We Are The Same’ and an incredible cover of Chris Isaac’s ‘Wicked Game’ are no exception. ‘On Your Own’ completing the game, set and match, no encore in sight.

Kenada Quinlan