Red Fang, King Of The North, Hobo Magic - Wednesday 13 May 2015, Crowbar Brisbane

If there was any stealing of the show tonight, it would have fallen well into the hands of HOBO MAGIC. Smashing out back to back scorchers with incredibly slick, jaw dropping bass riffs, this band could make the average 4-string and 6-string player want to give up the ghost. For precise, hard edged rock n roll built with the power of 3, this band drop the sledgehammer forcing the room up to 11.

KING OF THE NORTH, a 2 piece monster, unleash alternatively charged razor edged rock. The almighty strength of both vocalist/guitarist and drummer/vocalist take you from a fresh sounding genre to a Seattle influenced sound. The addictive first half of their show immerses the mind into a new wave, while the latter instalment cuts way too close to their influencer's bones. 

Dirt Wizard kicks off RED FANG's final Brisbane show of the week. With wall-to-wall sound and a roller coaster of a setlist, the Portland based crew avoid too much small talk, only stopping momentarily to explain that "We will be playing a song, then after that song we are going to be playing another song..." No oxygen wasted, frontman Bryan Giles, releases nothing but good vibes through his playing, giving the Crowbar nothing but what they paid for.

Choosing to drop tracks pretty evenly off all 3 records, WiresThrow Up and Hank is Dead drive the crowd to a stoner inspired frenzy. Crowd surfing accumulating front and centre, the largest are dropped and thrown again to fall into the abyss of cheers, sweat and beers. The heat rises with Prehistoric Dog, breeding a sharp incline of love for to the FANG, resonating until the final minutes and a hankering for their return.

Words by Kenada Quinlan

Photos by  Vicki Craddock Photography