Malakyte. Crowbar Thrash.


Malakyte, Hidden Intent, Gorefield, Asylum - Friday 10 October, Crowbar

Friday night thrash is rife in the Crowbar. The steady rise of this movement is as strong as the bonds of the musicians and their present following. Asylum are true to their influence, offering the skills that shape their predecessors. Accompanied by one close up fan calling the lead a "Poser" for not knowing the exact release date of Bonded by Blood, they pay homage to Exodus on exit. 

Gorefield induce a hand raising, fist pumping repetition of "Yes!" from the first 2 rows within 5 minutes. With so much 80s-90s on offer, they ask "Brisbane are you still with us?!" before plowing into havoc inducing solos and bass lines. Adelaide's Hidden Intent drop the precise, one body being carried the breadth of the venue - his feet not touching the floor as he is accompanied by a band of 4 to the bathroom. During the brutality of Apocalypse Now, 3 Queensland law officers drop in, hang by the bar for approximately 2 minutes and stroll to leave, air drumming on cue.

By this time, intoxication has almost taken over. "Today is a very special day, it's get messy Friday!" As Malakyte take photos of the crowd for later consumption. A strong start is withered by mic issues and short leads on equipment. Embodiment and Inbetween Terminals are set loose without any sound assistance. Stage dives and surfing continue, the set not taking a breath, unless to encourage more flattening of the front rows. "I'm losing a lot of sweat, I think I need a drink before I fade into a shadow." The theme continuing with praise and "Let's fuck this place up!" A final call that brings the last drop of sticky rain with it into the witching hour.

Words and Photos Kenada Quinlan


L-R Hidden Intent, Gorefield, Asylum

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