Torche at The Home of the Heavy

Torche Crowbar Brisbane

Torche Lizzard Wizzard, Indica - Thursday 16 October 2014, Crowbar Brisbane

Indica treat the venue to a long lead intro. With squeaky door harmonics and a fully fledged sludge accompaniment, their set ends with one keyboardist giving way to the floor. Leaning into their all encompassing noisescape for the last time, they eradicate any care for who gives a damn. A local act that is truly committed to their brand of doom.

Lizzard Wizzard are in your face musically without the need to apologise. Into the depths of their creativity, they drag the first 7 rows. No kicking and screaming present, their flavour of affliction is absorbed without protest. This style of stonery breaching the connection from their dimension to their audience, delivering what is expected of them in line with their other worldly foundations.

Picking up the pace from slow and steady to diving into more metal inspired stoner rock, Torche land without warning and hit up back to back slammers. As rare as happy goths, smiling sludge metal aficionados obviously are enjoying their first gig in Australia. Shifting from left to right, guitarist Andrew Elstner and bassist Jonathan Nuñez are unstoppable, high kicks hitting some serious jams. Sandstorm, without a doubt, being the most craved and revered.

A drum breakdown, gives time for tuning before heading into Safe and Mentor. A quick exit and return, they encore with Tarpit Canivore, making way for the next show - Batpiss the band, suitably playing the night after.

Words by Kenada Quinlan 

Photos Vicki Craddock Photography




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