DRI Live at The Hifi Brisbane

DRI, Wolfpack, Malakyte, Dick Nasty - The Hifi Brisbane, Thursday 1 May 2014

If it’s true that Dick Nasty only play “tightly on occasion”, tonight is no exception. The warmth of each tuneful punk infused offering hitting the walls, floor and breadth of The Hifi, welcoming early stragglers. The infamous unshakeable attitude of Drummer, Adam leads in strength and precision, drawing those in attendance into enslavement.

Malakyte have the denim, patches and style of your typical retro heroes. Thanking the gods of hair metal, this 5-piece kick off breathing life into their predecessors legacy. From chugging hooligan metal to glam riffs and everything that dances in between, these Brisbane fashionistas have more to say that what lies beneath the beard. Belting on the move, vocalist Tommy Muz takes advantage of a lift residing front and centre to be carried around the venue to assist getting the proceedings in full swing.

Wolfpack have the hearts and the sound of an army of 300. A not for profit, gifted 3 piece who drove 20 hours from Melbourne to strut, play and sing to support animal welfare and children in need. Led by the upbeat disposition of the voice, rhythms and the effortless energy of Tom Wolf, bassist Kane Wolf supports with a steel clad bass sound, while gritty guitarist Brad Wolf’s riffs overlay in harmony. Their set resonating as strong as the causes in which they fight for.

Judging by the level of obsessive merch buying, D.R.I have been sorely missed. Ready for anything, the 32 year old band hit the stage and unleash ‘The Application.’ Armed with a string of classics and the strength of their live set circa 1994, ‘Slum Lord’, ‘Suit and Tie Guy’ and ‘Probation’ satisfy the well honed circle pit located at the feet of their musical assailants. Bassist Harald Oimoen and his B-movie presence accompanies Spike Cassidy’s facial animaniacs and killer riffs seamlessly. The ever articulate Kurt Brecht doesn’t appear to take a breath as he guides his 4 of a kind through a back to back 1.5 hour set at break neck speed. The end call for ‘Five Year Plan’ pushing for more bruises, alleviating a 26 year old drought with sweet music morphine.

Kenada Quinlan