ToothFaeries Light Up The Globe

ToothFaeriesBrother Fox, Sissy Bones, Tibet2Timbuk2 - The New GlobeFriday 9 May 2014

Old friends in The New Globe are rustling their way through catch up stories and gasping at how many years it has been since the billed headliners have graced their presence. In true Marcello Milani style, the Toothfaeries lead kicks off with his new tribe Tibet2Timbuk2. The beautiful sounds of Tenzin Choegyal’s dranyen (long necked luke), swim through the air and over any minor hustle caused by some new arrivals. 

Sissy Bones warm up the room with more of a folk ‘Fuck You’ attitude as their opening line to a not so ordinary ballad. Atmospheric at the least and full of surprises, this local quartet of double bass action, dulcimer playing vocalists and guitarists, have an imagination that fit the bill perfectly. From haunting melodies and incisive lyrics to their own brand of xylophone stick action on steel strings. The music of this new wave crew resting easy on the soul to make way for Brother Fox. 

Pulling more feet down to the sunken floor, frontman Tim Orchard hits acoustic highs before launching into sharp reggae beats. His on point, John Butler voice meets Alt-J’s Joe Newman styles, ring over his offbeat 6-string. Inciting a flurry of dedicated followers into dance, the set hop, skips and jumps before welcoming their Brisbane heroes.

As a photographer fishes shards of glass from her eye that's been acutely delivered by a smashed beverage, Toothfaeries ironically kick off singing "Open your eyes". Shards located and lenses back in action, 'Going To' brings relief in more ways than one. Hearing Milani's voice all over again is something worth suffering for. 'Leaky Boat', 'Livid Up' and 'Happy Now' bring hard hitting percussion and thumping celebrations of the close nit kind. Room enough to move, just watch your step, they've been drinking down here. Commencing an hour before curfew, the set is hurried along to hit midnight. The smoothness of 'Rise' beautifully leading to an immersive 'I Believe'. Hands raised and lungs wide, we see each other through to the end. 'Beautiful Day' ringing out the last sincere melody of hope, love and unity.

Kenada Quinlan