The Bronx and High Tension Smash The Crowbar

The Bronx, High Tension - Crowbar, Sunday June 15 2014

Everyone in the know is at the barrier for Melbourne's High Tension. From punk to the darkest metal, this homegrown disorder inducing tribe are poetic in action. Karina Utomo commands the stage instinctively.

In a scratching motion, the lady of the night counts the beats with possessed fingers, locking in the timing of her divergent yet complimentary vocal styles. The bass body of Matt Weston's chosen weapon is as transparent as the core of this band's sweet-sounding musical soul. Knocking out obliterating compositions 'High Risk High Rewards' and 'Are You Safe' solidify their reign as one of Australia's finest.

AC/DC stalls on the system to trick us into a possible incoming. A 10 minute silence and a"Hello Brisbane" heads up a calm intro to The Bronx and the love of our fair town. This false sense of security is flipped in seconds, sending the venue sidewards. Friends and relatives scramble to assist the first pair of feet off the ground, the back of the pit ensuring no heads meet the concrete bar supporting the roof.

Coming out raging so soon with 'History Stranglers' is a welcome surprise. The surfing Matt Caughthran coming almost too close as standard. Venturing into the mass swelling, he finds the "G-spot ladies and gentleman" to launch into 'White Guilt.' The vocals taken on by the length and breadth of the bar. 'Inveich', 'The Unholy Hand' and 'False Alarm' preach to the manics, the individuals praised with the incredible 'Around The Horn.' The only way is up and over and being swung around to the sweet sounds of 'White Tar' and 'Knifeman.' Two of the last inviting you to your 'Shitty Future' and the universal declaration of 'Heart Attack American.' Tonight's Crowbar family sharing in glances of pure elation before dispersing rapidly to get air. 


Kenada Quinlan

Photos by Matt Warrell  Originally posted at Noisey

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