Waxhead. Elegant Shiva. Byron Bay.


Waxhead, Elegant Shiva, Black Tongue - The Great Northern, Byron Bay, Saturday 14 June 2014

Catching the tail end of Black Tongue, they inject a brisk Saturday night with classic covers and enough originality to warm up the evening.

"I have to go put on my uniform." 6-string master and vocalist of Elegant Shiva aptly named 'Tree' waltzes off stage to appear again in his bare-chested attire. A pure rock stance is quickly eradicated by the sheer spectrum of riffs distorted across the crowd. From hard hitting chords to clean Gibson licks, and intense beat patterns this duo have it covered. The strength and tempo of drummer 'Swanny' is utterly insane. Convinced a double kick is in play to satisfy the metal undertones unleashed, a closer inspection reveals a single culprit played at some serious speed. The crash symbol is belted within an inch of it's life, while the breakdowns threaten to breach the downstage floor. A set leaving you longing for a rewind button.

The last night of the 'Small Fry' tour, locals Waxhead have brought out the entire town and beyond in ceremony. Vocalist 'Froggy' is traditionally in bare feet, and with as many pedals as they can muster, the 4 piece hustle and flow through their dream like muso scape. Tuning between tracks gives their elated followers time to breath between dance steps. An aromatic puff of smoke swims through the Northern's backroom to enhance the chiming of the hi-hat and retro inspired hooks. The surf culture is alive and well as new single 'Distractions' hits the airwaves, bringing with it a mass movement of appreciation that stays true until the end.

Kenada Quinlan

Photos by Emily Bagnell Photography

Elegant Shiva. Waxhead. (l-r)

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