Supersuckers Live at The Zoo


Supersuckers, Love Hate Rebellion - The Zoo, Thursday June 19 2014

Brisbane’s Love Hate Rebellion use their instruments wisely to create an effortless yet solid landscape of layered perfection. Bass driven to the core, 4 string mistress Ariana Pelser shapes the sound, finely accompanied by the high and low lungs of Jimmy Sky. ‘Silent Bliss’ and ‘Sicker’ declare a strong presence to release powerful vocal belts, sliding dark riffs and enough beats to pull Pelser to floor. Placing each not carefully, she is met by her fellow guitarist and together they play out to the other side.

False applause rings from the house system as ZZ Top are nominated to play into the hands of the Supersuckers. Sirens and sticks on the twirl, belter 'Captain' Chris Von Streicher is poised and ready. ‘Get The Hell’ brings 3 Gibson wielding, horn throwing, lead switching companions to the stage. Not breathing for a second between tracks, the Tuscon line up “Warm up the show” and slam the congregation with ‘Fuck up’ and ‘High Tonight’. 

“We’re the Supersuckers, the greatest Rock n Roll band on earth, you may have heard of us”, declares lead Eddie Spaghetti. Barely requiring to open his beard to vent his vocal snarl, he launches into ‘Bad, Bad, Bad’, causing an upsurge front and centre. Axes vertical on many occasions, a quick combing of Dan 'Thunder' Bolton’s teddy boy locks and the theme of tonight is securely met with unwavering appreciation. Quick beat changes and rapturous hands support ‘Paid’ before seeking affirmation for ‘Rock & Roll Records (aren't selling this year).’

 “We don’t do encores. It’s all bullshit, we like to stay and finish the job so when we say we’re gone, we ain’t coming back.” ‘Something About You’ flows into a request to show guitarist ‘Metal' Marty Chandler some Brisbane bush and cocaine hoards to do it right for his birthday. The demand aptly turning into a celebratory dedication of ‘Gluttonous.’ ‘Disaster Bastard’ and ‘Pretty Fucked Up’ come out swinging, while a request for ACDC delivers a smooth rendition of ‘Rock n Roll Singer.’ Lights on the crowd one final time to reap the rewards of middle finger action and ‘Born with a Tail’ habitually brings the night to a close.

Kenada Quinlan

Photos by Matt Loncar


Love Hate Rebellion

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