The Hard-Ons Turn 30!


The Hard-OnsSpike City, Antichrists Anonymous, Le Murd - Punkfest, Prince of Wales, Saturday 21 June 2014

From classic punk sounds, Le Murd step up the pace to hit a more aggressive note. Lead guitar action switches up the momentum, the rhythm section fingers of Stav Scata strutting out a few funk driven riffs over a snare break. Singing out with a satirical, “We’re getting too old for this shit”, gracefully setting the tone.

Anitchrists Anonymous load up the stage. Their part punk, part metal mix slamming jaws and feet to the floor. Mohawked frontman Bud Beckett has noise rock licks and a snarl to rival many. His Dimebag Dean handling companion injecting heavier than hell sounds. Beats of a darker nature challenge the lighter style riffs of their cuddly toy embellished bass hound, Jim Bopalouie, the combination sparking one serious addiction.

With more members than the space permits, Spike City bring on the tenor sax, a trumpet guy, 2 guitars and a solid backline. Rollo kicks off proceedings in his own unique style, moving as much as the capacity allows. Featuring members of a Brisbane orchestra and the legendary Blowhard, the musicianship is slick, accompanied by acute good taste and brilliant wit. The bar to the sold out frontline stomping to the expertly executed Strange Stains cover ‘6ULDV8.’ 

30 years and counting, The Hard-Ons don't look like they've aged that many days. A slight delay while Murray Ruse strips to his electric blue jocks and it’s not long before Ray Ahn’s Fender hits the ceiling. This original line up plus one storming through a ‘best of’ set, igniting the fully formed sweat pit with 'Don't Wanna See You Cry', She’s A Dish’ and ‘Made To Love You’.

Almost silence is held when a signed symbol is offered to anyone that can name the lead singer of Quiet Riot before young and old, push and shove hollering the words “Fuck Stain.” Packed to the rafters, the security have a hard time keeping it together. ‘The Best of You’ and ‘I do I do I do’ curbing the night into a request show. Claiming to be ‘Done for the night’ if they let loose ‘Suck 'n' Swallow’, they oblige anyway, much to a crowd surfer’s delight. “We gotta go back to the hotel and watch ourselves on Rage, thank you so fucking much!” ‘Girl In A Sweater’ wrapping up a perfectly executed evening of intoxicating entertainment.

Kenada Quinlan

Photos by Emily Bagnell Photography

The Hard-Ons

Spike City

Antichrists Anonymous

Le Murd