Adolescents Live in Brisbane


Adolescents, Clowns, The Scam, Whiskey and Speed - Crowbar, Thursday 3 July 2014

Greedy with the dual mic grabbing, Whiskey and Speed vocalist Dayne Kersnovske hollers over a beautifully executed sludgy start. Non-professional strip artist in tow, “Attractive people only” are invited to get semi-naked for ‘Brain Dead.’ 5 men and women oblige, some bypassing the half and going for the full. Guests on show, this all over the place in party yet tight in sound ensemble heat up proceedings by relishing in god forsaken rock behaviour.

The deep wrath of The Scam reaches to the very core, proving the darker side of punk is alive and seething. Slamming their instruments within an inch of their lives, frontman Con Swine, snaps his 6 steel strings to 4, while his bass accomplice thunders in line with the sharp sounds of one heavy handed drum beat junkie. ‘420’ hitting familiar notes with the local tribe celebrating front and centre.

Melbourne’s Clowns engulf the stage on cue. From hanging by the ceiling to screaming on his knees Stevie sways from one end of the platform to the other, igniting unified reactions from their dedicated followers. A plethora of tracks including the anthemic ‘Eat A Gun’ are shot through without a breath. 4-stings are given a fresh lease of life when new songs are "Road tested" about “Dead End Suburbs” and lessons learned about “Being a shitc**t". Turning to face each other, the back-line and lead licks form an immense sound, sweeping up and over the Crowbar, ending too soon on a final vocal blow.

Adolescents come out fighting beyond expectations, ’Locked Down in America’, ‘Brats in Battalion’ and ‘World Attack’ dance up a storm. Rhythm guitarist Joseph Harrison is tight lipped, moving millimetres to the right and left, needing no further action to deliver a strong musical presence. Slick as ever, Mike Cambra keeps time with his signature glide between patterns. It’s getting slippery as 'LA Girl’ and ‘Serf City' spin the pit to the floor and drag it to it’s feet. “Brisbane’s a nice place except for the guy grabbing my man tits”, teases Tony Cadena, before ‘PTA’ goes for the throat. ‘Amoeba’ reaps the loudest crowd chorus and ‘Wrecking Crew’ initiates an “I just got hugged by the world” response. ‘Kids of the Black Hole’ hammering out the last precious moments, delivering a solid statement of rebellion that refuses to grow old.

Kenada Quinlan

Photos by Matt Loncar Photography


L-R Clowns, The Scam, Whiskey and Speed