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Marathon, IDYLLS, Inside the Whale, Siberian Hell Sounds, Max Buchanan - Sun Distortion, Friday 11 July 2014

Absorbing the chill in the air, Max Buchanan’s warm echoes of his guitar welcomes those in attendance to an eclectic set of music, hidden within industrial walls. Soundcheck unleashes demon feedback before a military drum rolls in as Siberian Hell Sounds dual vocalists take to the floor. Minus 4 strings, they vent their brand of blackened hardcore. In their own world and feeding off each other, this cultish act make it hard not to be drawn in.

“Thanks to Siberian Hell Sounds for making us sound like wusses,” Inside the Whale’s Ben Breitenstein takes note before serenading us with soaring soundscapes fit for the stadium. 4 months off and this band are as tight as if they never left. The final offering switching it up a notch to deliver a harder edge on exit. IDYLLS take not giving a fuck to the extreme. An inspiring blend of metal, hardcore, melodic sounds and dancing beats, they throw in the sax just to spin you off kilter into unknown territory. Without a clue of where to look or how to feel, the concoction of the 4 piece and their combined consciousness crosses boundaries, leaving no choice but to dance like it’s your last.

In celebration of the release of their new album 'Cure', Marathon kick in simultaneously without warning, Michael Nix stripping off his electric acoustic to take front of stage. Faultless bass lines and well timed, rich harmonics from the lead add to the proceedings. Drums and 6-string keep a tight friendship, guitarist Ryan Sim ensuring riffs are followed on cue. The strength of their sound is as clean and dirty as required, the technical skill on show hooking in the attention. The punk beating of skins and the switching up to a lighter phonetic style supporting the diversity of the sublime music on offer, captured for one night only.

Kenada Quinlan

Photos Emily Bagnell Photography


L-R IDYLLS, Inside The Whale, Siberian Hell Sounds, Max Buchanan

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