Midyear Mayhem. Buried In Verona.


Buried In Verona, Antagonist AD, Stories, Bayharbour, Daybreakers - The Brightside, Thursday 17 July 2014

On the walk in, tragedy strikes as Daybreakers have already come and gone, 20 minutes before an 8pm arrival. Bayharbour take the slow ride in with an atmospheric foundation. In a cloud of smoke, vocalist Marcus Parente immerses himself in ferocious vocals and on point stage presence. The steady paced rhythm of sound supporting high pitched complex fret action as  Parente takes to the floor, screaming in the faces huddled back and centre of The Brightside.

A subdued Stories intro grips the first 30 seconds before igniting one on stage demonic head swirl. Capoeira bouts break out between more explosive offerings from the crowd. Enter The Void and Masks causing all hell to break loose, the 5 on fire in the front row clambering for the mic. New Zealand’s Antagonist AD round up the room and head into hardcore madness. Running with the family vibe, we are all in this together from pillar to post. The party hitting a meaningful note as frontman Sam Crocker calls for a moment, “You never know when you’re gonna vanish, if you have friends and family, tell them how you fucking feel,” Love Sick unleashing a tirade of positive appreciation. 

Swarming to the front for Buried in Verona, Brisbane welcomes the Sydney siders with open arms and lungs. Bassist Sean Gynn revels in delight, sending himself and sometimes his riffs sidewards. Killer drop-in sounds aplenty, The BreachEclipse and Illuminate warm the insides. Throwing us a true metalcore line, Splintered annihilates the airwaves. 4 songs out, Richie Newman’s melodic vocals are challenged by the audience demanding he strips for the show. Circle pit requested, the swelling “Make some fucking noise” at every turn. Couldn’t Give 34 Fucks showing strength in numbers, loyalty signing out till the end.

Kenada Quinlan 

Photos by Vicki Craddock

Buried In Verona

Antagonist AD



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